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FACTBOX -Where Latin America women can be fighting the entire world’s murder rates that are highest

Representative image Image Credit: ANI

Ladies took into the roads within the year that is past Latin America – from Mexico and Chile to Argentina and Brazil – demanding governments do something in a spot where machismo reigns and gender-based physical violence is extensive.

In Latin America and also the Caribbean, one or more from every three ladies has skilled physical and/or intimate physical violence at some part of her life, in line with the us. Femicide claims the life of 12 females an in latin america which is home to 14 of the 25 countries with the highest rates of femicide globally but 98% of these killings go unprosecuted day.

Check out associated with the nations which may have witnessed the greatest mobilizations of females across Latin America on the previous 12 months, with street protests scheduled in lots of on International Women’s Day on March 8:

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