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Though quitting meth is hard for several users, it is doubly hard for homosexual guys.

Meth is Highly Dangerous for Gay, HIV Positive Guys

Though meth is just a destructive force in most demographic, it’s especially damaging within the homosexual community. The absolute most pressing issues depend on data that shows crystal meth could possibly help market a strain that is virulent of (dubbed the HIV “SuperVirus”) and/or seriously reduce steadily the ramifications of life saving HIV medicines.

After 12 months of assessment, the outcomes showed that meth users had a lowered ratio of CD4/CD8 cells resistant cells playing a crucial role in HIV indicating less resilience associated with the immune protection system.

A report carried out by the University of Ca, north park (UCSD) examined a group of male homosexual medication users have been all HIV good. The test team contained guys whom utilized meth, cocaine, cooking pot, liquor and different other celebration medications. All had been taking effective HIV medicines and, upon beginning the study, had lower levels for the HIV virus within their bloodstream. Sigue leyendo