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Is Eastern Europe Actually More Racist Compared To Western?

LONDON — SOLDIERS putting up kilometers of razor cable fencing to help keep down refugees. a child and mother stuck in a field of mud. a vehicle parked on the road between Budapest and Vienna containing the decomposing bodies of 71 refugees.

The scenes over present days through the eastern edges of European countries have actually created revulsion and horror. “Have Eastern Europeans no feeling of pity?” asked the historian that is polish-American Gross. Another historian, the German-born Jan-Werner Mьller, demanded that the European Union “ostracize” Hungary, “a country no further observing its values,” by cutting off funding and suspending its voting liberties.

A fundamental “political and cultural gap” that divides the Continent for many, Eastern Europeans’ lack of generosity toward refugees reflects, in the words of one Guardian columnist. Eastern European countries tossed from the yoke that is soviet a quarter-century ago and generally are not used to the values of liberal democracy. Ethnically homogeneous, these are generally unused to immigration. Thus, numerous recommend, this prejudice and insularity.

Present history has definitely shaped the smoothness of Eastern societies that are european. But are they actually more xenophobic or aggressive to migrants compared to those associated with western?

Just by the papers recently, one could be forgiven for convinced that until Hungary began adding fences, europe had available boundaries and welcomed migrants with kindness and gentleness. Sigue leyendo